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About Luminary Care Management

  • Licensed Registered Nurses
  • 35 years experience caring & advocating for others
  • We coordinate healthcare & medical services

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    Feeling overwhelmed by your own or a loved one’s health issues?
    We’re here to help.

    Luminary Care can help relieve the overwhelming burden of complexity that health issues can cause. We are Registered Nurses with over 35 years combined experience caring and advocating for others. Our goal is to ensure that those we care for are taken care of and all needs are attended to, restoring peace of mind, and enhancing well-being. And, most importantly, especially now in the time of COVID and hereafter, as Registered Nurses we know that it is crucial to health, well-being, and improved quality of life, that care be managed, coordinated, and advocated for, where it thrives best, in the comfort, privacy, safety, and security of one’s own home, with freedom, dignity, and maximum state of independence. This is our mission!

    With Luminary Care, our initial care management visit is designed to be the beginning of a caring, respectful, and trusted relationship. It all begins with a comprehensive whole-person assessment, followed by scheduled routine, and as need re-assessments by experienced RNs.

    Once a comprehensive care plan is developed and implemented, care coordination and advocacy services will ensure that care needs and self-management goals are met and continually updated to meet and anticipate current and future care needs and goals.

    This list, although comprehensive, is by no means exhaustive of all services available. Client care needs and goals inform the care planning process, which develop and evolve as the health and well-being needs of the client evolve.

    As Registered Nurses, we are licensed and upheld to the highest standards and scope of practice set forth by the Nurse Practice Act. We have taken an oath to care for others and we take that oath and responsibility seriously. We have been entrusted to care for and have walked with many, many individuals as they have traveled along their healthcare journeys. Every individual’s journey is different, yet the healthcare system encountered isn’t. Which means for us, with our many years of experience, skillfully navigating through the system is just one of our specialties.

    These services can include, but are not limited to:

    • Communicating/sharing knowledge with and between healthcare providers and loved ones
    • Manage and accompany to medical appointments, including telehealth visits
    • Explain and educate the client and loved ones about medical condition/s and assist with making informed decisions about care and treatment options
    • Hospital advocacy, medical review, and discharge planning
    • Assist with transitions of care
    • Coordinate, as well as, provide oversight of home health care services, which can include activities of daily living, cooking, cleaning, and shopping
    • Medication management, including review, reconciliation, education, and compliance
    • Obtain, track, review, and manage medical records
    • Review health insurance denials and manage or reduce hospital and medical bills
    • Healthcare proxy and advance directive assistance
    • Caregiver support
    • Follow-up visits
    • Assistance and support with HIPAA compliant health information technologies such as telehealth