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About Edwards Elder Law, PA

  • Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts
  • Probate & Trust Administration
  • Medicaid Long-Term Care Benefits
  • VA Aid & Attendance Benefits

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    An elder law attorney provides guidance when your loved one is not as independent as they used to be and you want to help, but you don’t know what to do. An elder law attorney can help you identify the resources available and the legal steps necessary to ensure your loved one’s safety and security.

    Planning for your future is important. As you strive to make wise decisions for yourself and your loved ones, it can be helpful and comforting to have the benefit of our experienced attorneys’ advice. At Edwards Elder Law, P.A., we are proud to offer legal counsel and dedicated professional guidance to Florida’s senior citizens and their families.

    Are you looking for assistance and peace of mind?  When you choose to work with us, you will be working with dedicated legal professionals who have assisted many individuals throughout the St. Petersburg, Florida area.  We can educate you so that you have the information you need to understand your options.  You have our support as you make decisions for your future and your family.  Whenever possible, we provide our clients a fixed-price rate, so that you can contact us and ask any questions you may have without worrying about your price going up.  We keep you informed throughout the course of addressing your legal needs, including assistance with completing the necessary documentation.

    Estate Planning - Estate plans are a great tool for individuals to ensure that their loved ones will be looked after in the future.

    Wills & Trusts - Wills and trusts give you the opportunity to say which people you want to take care of and how you want to take care of them once you pass away.

    Probate & Trust Administration - Whether your loved one passed away with or without a will or trust, a probate or trust administration may be necessary.

    Incapacity Planning - Incapacity planning is the chance for you to stay in control of your medical care and finances even if you are incapacitated.

    Medicaid Long-term Care Benefits - Our office can assess your Florida Medicaid long-term care benefit program options and determine if those benefit programs will cover your needs.

    VA Aid and Attendance Benefits - We are proud to serve our nation’s veterans and their family members in obtaining benefits that can help pay for long-term care.

    Complimentary Consultation - If you are ready to plan for the future, do not hesitate to contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation with our office. Having our legal guidance can help ensure that your assets, property, medical care needs, and your wishes for the future are properly identified and documented. Our services and reassurance can give you peace of mind.

    Meet Our Attorneys:

    Stephanie M. Edwards, Founder - Stephanie founded Edwards Elder Law, P.A., to provide seniors and their families with the legal services needed to address immediate care concerns, proactively plan for the future, and cope during times of crisis.

    Jenna Kyle Meltzer, Attorney - Jenna believes that it is important to establish an empathetic connection with her clients from the beginning, to ensure they always feel they are being heard.


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