Dedicated Senior Medical Centers

71903 E. Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612 | Phone: (727) 914-9000

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About Dedicated Senior Medical Center

  • A doctor who is focused on keeping you healthy
  • Full coordination of healthcare needs
  • On-site tests and screenings

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    With Dedicated Senior Medical Center, you are our first priority.

    Our doctors treat you like family. What does that mean? We want to see you often so that we can get to know you. 

    We are not like other doctors. At Dedicated Senior Medical Center, you get:

    Dedicated Checkmark A doctor who is focused on keeping you healthy
    Dedicated Checkmark Full coordination of all your healthcare needs, including coordination with specialists
    Dedicated Checkmark Your doctor's cell phone number
    Dedicated Checkmark The ability to see your doctor from the comfort of your own home through video appointments
    Dedicated Checkmark On-site tests and screenings
    Dedicated Checkmark Doctors that help make sure you get your medications
    Dedicated Checkmark Help with transportation to your appointments
    Dedicated Checkmark And more



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