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About Elder Well Adult Day Program

The Elder-Well® Adult Day Program is a non-medical Social Model adult day care. Our Adult Day Program provides a safe, supportive, and stimulating alternative to an isolating day at home.  We offer this unique program along with much needed support services to older adults and their caregivers. Our daily programs are hosted in welcoming, warm and safe atmospheres.  These settings help to ease much of the stress and anxiety both our guests and their families experience while transitioning to a day program.

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    Our Program - The Elder-Well® program planning process takes into consideration each of our guests individually.  Their emotions, strengths and abilities are focused on along with their personal identity, relationships, history, health, religion, and culture.

    We draw from many types of care and education models, which promote self-directed content in addition to structured and prepared program content.

    Importance of Socialization - Professionals in the senior living and health fields agree that those who keep ties or discover new social connections experience an overall better quality of life than those who remain isolated.

    Social isolation is one of the leading causes of depression in seniors. Loneliness can easily turn to feelings of worthlessness and despair. On the other hand, socialization can have the opposite effect helping you feel loved and needed as your life is affirmed by the activities you do and by those with whom you interact.

    Being around other people, especially if you’re doing something fun or rewarding, helps you keep a positive outlook on life. Socializing also boosts a healthy mental state by giving you a sense of belonging and increasing your self-esteem.*

    Our professional staff will assist our guests with their physical and nutritional needs while they spend the day at an Elder-Well® Adult Day Program.

    • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)
    • Organized physical activities, such as walks, outings and group exercise
    • Medication and personal care reminders and documentation
    • Planning, prepare and serve nutritious meals and snacks
    • Hydration throughout the day
    • Monitor physical and emotional wellness

    Keeping your body active and being well-nourished and well-hydrated is a core component of maintaining good health.

    Physical fitness along with good nutrition and hydration enhances feelings of wellbeing, reduces the use of medication and helps prevent illness.

    Elder-Well® incorporates outings, volunteerism, intergenerational activities and civic awareness into our program planning to develop and maintain our participants connections in their communities.

    We also welcome members of the community to visit our Day Program and share their talents, collections, travel adventures and to spend time with our guests.

    People living with dementia still want to take part in their favorite activities, help others in their communities and feel a sense of accomplishment.  If you are taking care of someone at home that has been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, here are some ideas of how to keep busy with a purpose:

    Empowering Connections - Download our guide to Empowering Connections where we explore the critical aspects of caring for individuals with dementia and the below key topics.

    • The Impact of Dementia: Understanding the emotional, psychological, and physical challenges faced by individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

    • Empowering Connections: Strategies for fostering meaningful communication and connection between individuals with dementia and their caregivers, family members, and friends.
    • Meaningful Engagement: Highlighting the importance of engaging activities and programs that promote cognitive, emotional, and social well-being for individuals with dementia.
    • Supportive Community: Exploring the role of community resources, support networks, and collaborative efforts in enhancing the overall care and support for people living with dementia.

    Benefits to the Participant include:

    • Developing self-esteem, decreases anxiety and helps create a positive outlook.
    • Promotes strong, safe and enjoyable social connections.
    • Provides beneficial physical and cognitive activities.
    • Monitor and report changes to participants health and wellbeing.
    • Offers much need support and care services during the day.
    • Delays or prevents the need for a long-term care placement.

    Benefits to the Caregiver include:

    • Cost effective and preferable alternative to home care, medical model adult day care or placement in a long-term care facility.
    • Provides an opportunity for the caregiver to remain in the workforce or attend to personal needs.
    • Peace of mind knowing your loved one is in a safe and supportive environment.
    • Reduces caregiver stress and isolation.
    • Provides direct support and community resources.

    Visit the National Adult Day Services Association website to learn more about Adult Day Benefits:   www.nadsa.org

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