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Community Options:  Retirement Assisted Living • Memory Care

Weinberg residents do not live in our facility. We work in their home.

Weinberg Village proudly operates a residence that enriches seniors’ quality of life. We are dedicated to helping our residents enjoy the fullest, most active and meaningful lifestyle possible, while celebrating Jewish heritage, culture, traditions and values; including kosher meals. We welcome diversity and those from other faiths. We provide a community that combines the best of both worlds: the independence of a private apartment plus the comfort and security provided by a full time, experienced health and wellness team. Weinberg Village provides a warm, caring community and engaging programming and events.

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    In 1995 after recognizing a crucial need for a Kosher Senior Living facility in Tampa Bay, the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residence was established. For over twenty years, Weinberg Village has offered unparalleled Assisted Living with an Independent Lifestyle, secure Memory Care, Respite Care and rehab services — all on a beautiful twenty-one acre, gated multi-generational campus. We also hold a specialty license known as Extended Congregate Care. This license allows Weinberg Village to care for individuals at almost every age and stage of one’s life thereby modeling an aging-in-place care plan. We have an industry-leading, highly skilled and experienced staff and our reputation is renown throughout the region.

    Weinberg Village offers a number of services to enable our residents to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. These include: Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residence, Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit, an Extended Congregate Care License and Rehabilitation Services.

    Assisted Living:  Our residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible, but we are prepared to offer help at any time, day or night. Our staff understands the importance of recognizing the needs, strengths and limitations of our residents. We pay attention to the increasing dependence that naturally occurs as part of the aging process so that we are especially well-suited to assist our residents with daily activities. Our goal is to enrich their quality of life and enable them to enjoy a full, active and meaningful lifestyle. Weinberg Village offers a number of amenities and services to encourage our residents to maintain an active routine. Our programs include many fun activities and recreational events including exercise, gardening, arts and crafts, card games, bingo as well as many off-campus trips.

    Memory Care: The mission of the Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit at Weinberg Village is to preserve and protect the dignity and well-being of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory challenges as they move trough their progressing life stages. We are here to support them in a safe, comfortable, loving and peaceful environment. A secure environment is essential for the safety and well being of our residents with memory impairment. The Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit at Weinberg Village is a completely self-contained unit designed to provide a secure setting which allows residents with dementia, who may otherwise wander and become disoriented, to move about freely and safely, both indoors and out, without a sense of confinement.ᅠWeinberg Village’s special Memory Support Unit meets and exceeds all the guidelines set forth by the Alzheimer’s Association under the guidance of experts from the University of South Florida.

    ECC - Extended Congregated Care:  Weinberg Village has an Extended Congregate Care (ECC) license. This is a specialty license that enables us to provide supportive services and care directly or through contractors to allow continued support for a resident who experiences a change in their care needs.  The primary purpose of ECC services is to allow residents the option of remaining in their comfortable, familiar setting even if their health declines.  In order to ensure that our residents are able to enjoy our community as they age, if additional medical assistance is required, our staff of caring professionals provides a higher level of aid. Under a personally tailored service plan, our licensed personnel can perform more complex services as needed.

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