Keystone Place at Terra Bella

Keystone Place at Terra Bella | 2200 Livingston Road | Land O' Lakes, FL 34639 | (813) 553-6574

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Community Options:  Retirement/Independent • Assisted Living • Memory Care

You've Reached the Summit, It's Time to Enjoy the View

Every person who chooses to make Keystone their home has not only lived an extraordinary life but shares the desire to keep living life to the fullest.

Whether you choose Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care at Keystone Place at Terra Bella, we guarantee you will be both inspired and enabled to do just that!

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    About Keyston Place at Terra Bella

    Located on a beautifully landscaped campus in Land O' Lakes, Florida, our senior living community is committed to providing you with the ability to thrive! A highly engaged social life, physical and mental stimulation, and exceptional, innovative personal care are our cornerstones.

    Living Options - Wherever you are on your path, Keystone Place at Terra Bella offers a lifestyle to support you in your goals and passions. Make the most of the freedom you’ve earned with maintenance-free Independent Living. For an extra level of help to live your day your way, we, of course, offer Assisted Living.  For those living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, our exceptional Holistic Memory Care provides opportunities for growth, meaningful engagement and empowerment while celebrating each resident’s individuality.

    Services & Amenities - The day has finally arrived when you or your loved one can leave behind the daily obligations of household maintenance and truly celebrate the freedom of retirement!

    Swim any day of the year in our heated pool, perfect your tai chi, or volunteer some of your many talents to a good cause. Keystone Place at Terra Bella offers a variety of ways for each of our residents to get the most out of every day.

    Residents enjoying our Assisted Living service level experience a life of independence and the freedom to come and go as they please, with any extra assistance they may need always close at hand.

    For your loved one in Memory Care, our warm and inviting community offers memory preservation enrichment programming focused on connection rather than loss and provides a safe environment in which they can thrive while getting the specialized attention they deserve.

    Regardless of which lifestyle option is best for you or your loved one, every resident is invited to explore our Holistic Harbors℠ Memory Care programming. Studies have shown that the earlier people engage in doing things to improve their memory, the better the results will be, including a reduction in the likelihood they will develop dementia. We love every resident and want to help them live a wonderful life.

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