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Community Options:  Assisted Living • Memory Care

We Take Care of Moms and Dads

At Inspired Living Ivy Ridge, we know the effects of a memory loss illness aren’t limited to only your loved one – everyone who loves and cares for that person is affected too. Our Inspired Journeys Specialized Memory Care Program is designed to serve the needs of both the resident and their family, minimizing your fear while helping you understand the changes that are occurring during your loved one’s memory loss journey.

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    About Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge

    At Inspired Living Ivy Ridge, we believe that with the right level of care and support, our residents can truly flourish. Our iCare program leverages cutting-edge technology and a resident-first approach to offer our residents full-service care tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Through our commitment to providing residents with personalized care and service, all in a resort-like environment, we help them maintain their independence and live their best lives every day.

    Engaging Programs - Being social, making new friends, and taking part in new activities all have a number of health benefits. Not only are these activities good for mental health and cognitive function, but they are good for the body, too. They help reduce the risks of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even osteoporosis. Inspired Living Ivy Ridge offers a rich calendar of onsite and offsite activities and events, designed to keep residents entertained, engaged, and educated each and every day. No matter the level of care your loved one requires, there is an activity and event for everyone, and our caring staff is always available to offer a friendly helping hand.

    Comprehensive Resident Evaluations & Individualized Service Plans - Because every person is different, each new Inspired Living Ivy Ridge resident receives a comprehensive personal health evaluation, which helps us develop a thorough understanding of you or your loved one’s unique needs. With this information, our expert caregivers develop a personalized approach to care tailored to your or your loved one’s individual wellness needs and desires.

    Collaborative Care - Inspired Living Ivy Ridge residents appreciate regular meetings throughout the year with our caring staff, giving you or your loved one an opportunity to update our team on any changes they would like to make to their current care needs or preferences. These meetings are also an opportunity for residents to share any feedback with our team on the care and support we are providing. Our staff will also use this time to update residents on new and upcoming wellness programs you or your loved one may find interesting.

    Concierge Services - Residents of Inspired Living Ivy Ridge have the option of receiving special assistance with coordinating care from outside providers. We have a number of preferred providers that offer services onsite, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health, psychiatric services, podiatry, and dentistry. In addition, our Concierge Services can help residents schedule visits from third-party providers, giving them more control over the people who provide their care. We also offer scheduled transportation, so residents who no longer drive can continue to visit their current medical providers.

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