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    What is Estate Planning?

    Simply put, estate planning is making legal arrangements for the protection, management, or passing on of your estate in the future.  When people talk of estate planning, they might think of wills and trusts. These documents are indeed two of the most commonly used estate planning tools. But your estate plan can be more than just your last will. It can be a comprehensive combination of legal tools to encapsulate exactly what you want to happen to your estate, whom you want to manage them, and whom you want to benefit from them.

    A smart estate plan is your most concrete way to protect what you own, protect your family, provide specific care, plan for yourself, smoother future for everyone.  You can create an estate plan anytime – even if you don’t have massive wealth, even if you don’t have children, and even if you are only planning for yourself. Don’t wait for legal complications to start cropping up. At the very least, talk to a reliable attorney to see how you can anticipate well for the future.

    Medicaid Planning & Appeals - Here is a sad reality: An American family’s entire life savings could be wiped out in as little as a few months after an elderly member enters a nursing home. 

    Families are also hurt by misconceptions about senior services. For instance, many people mistakenly believe that Medicare will cover most of their healthcare needs upon retirement. But when they discover that prescription drugs and extended facility stays are not covered (among several other things), they may find themselves in a sudden financial tight spot.  As early as now, take steps to protect your family’s assets and avoid family impoverishment. The Schofner Law Firm provides the professional guidance you need for your most effective planning, particularly with regards to the Medicaid qualification. 

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