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  • Assess budget & needs of senior
  • Accompany families on tours
  • Let us do the leg work

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    Helping today's seniors and their loved ones navigate the next steps through their journey.

    Pineapple Placements is your local Florida gulf coast based FREE Senior Living Referral Company.  From Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, Rehab Services, Skilled Nursing Care, Home Health, Hospice and much more; our professional senior living care advisors are here to help you and your loved one navigate the next steps in your family’s senior living journey.

    We will personally assess each client’s individual needs based on medical, physical and emotional needs and match those needs to communities that  are able to completely fulfill those needs. All while keeping budget constraints in mind. One of our senior living advisors will observer you or your loved on in their current environment and interview the caregiver and/or family to get a personal sense of our new client.  Based upon those observations and interviews we will hand pick communities that allow you or your loved one to thrive.  Next we will be scheduling guided tours of each selected community.  After the tours are completed , we will regroup and answer any additional questions or concerns you or your loved one may have.  We will act as your liaison between our clients ‘ current living arrangement and the new community of you or your loved ones choice.  We will assist in gathering any documentation needed to make the transition as less stressful as possible.

    In order to reduce stress during the transition period we are able to refer our clients to trusted professionals who can assist with Medicare benefits, Managed Care benefits, Veteran’s benefits, Downsizing/Estate Sales,  and other needs.
    We are passionate about the work we do. Our advisors love working with our clients and their loved ones during this transitional phase.  Please allow Pineapple Placements to help with your senior living arrangements.